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At SoCal Sunrise, our goal is to offer support and guidance for anyone struggling with addiction or mental health concerns. Discover resources to help you or your loved one learn how to manage anxiety, depression, stressors, and a variety of other issues that can arise in life.

Resources for Addiction and Mental Health

Mental Health Resource Center

Learn more about mental health and conditions that trouble our society by viewing any of the below pages. Educating yourself on topics that are relevant to you can help you understand you or your loved one's condition better. Through better understanding, we can all learn to treat both ourselves and others more appropriately and properly address mental concerns.

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Guides for Drug Abuse

man standing near window smoking at a support circle for domestic violence and substance abuse

Domestic Violence and Addiction

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse Domestic violence is characterized by an abusive pattern often paired with impulsive effects of addiction.  When paired with drugs and

woman receiving therapy for Adderall Addiction Treatment in Orange County

A Closer Look at Adderall Addiction

A Closer Look at Adderall Addiction Adderall can be addictive because of its amphetamine compounds. Adderall abuse is becoming more common today in both people

people standing inside on their cellphones to symbolize cyberbullying and substance abuse

Cyberbullying and Substance Abuse

How Cyberbullying Can Result in Substance Abuse Cyberbullying is a serious issue in our society today. It’s very important for everyone to know how destructive

people waving the lgbtq flag in the street during a parade for awareness of substance abuse in the lgbtq community

Substance Abuse in the LGBTQ Community

Substance Abuse in the LGBTQ Community Compared to the general population, members of the LGBTQ community are more likely to use alcohol and drugs, have

homeless man in the street eating out of a container while attempting to recover from drug addiction

Addiction and Homelessness

Addiction and Homelessness Oftentimes, substance abuse is both a cause and a result of homelessness, frequently arising after people lose their housing. The stressful life

teens sitting on a blanket at an outdoor drive in movie theater practicing clean fun to abstain from drug abuse

Teen Drug Use: Commonly Abused Drugs

Teen Drug Use: Commonly Abused Drugs As of 2019, the number of teenagers who use drugs continued to decline each year for almost a decade.1

nursing mother with her back to the camera breastfeeding her baby after getting clean from drinking and drug addiction

Drinking, Drugs, and Breastfeeding

Drugs, Drinking, & Breastfeeding After nine long months of carrying a child and abstaining from drugs and alcohol, mothers may be tempted to use medications

Guides for Alcohol Abuse

A glass of alcohol on the table with a lot of medication pills scattered on the table.

Interactions Between Medications and Alcohol

Interactions Between Medications and Alcohol Regular consumption of alcohol can have several damaging health impacts. It can, however, have an even more devastating effect when

hand reaching for an alcoholic drink to symbolize the dangers of binge drinking

The Dangers of Binge Drinking

Dangers of Binge Drinking Someone who often spends weekend evenings chasing beers with vodka or tequila shots won’t be surprised by the next morning’s hangover.

man sitting in his kitchen with his head in his hands because he is suffering from poor mental health due to alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health

Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health Heavily drinking on a regular basis interferes with the brain’s chemicals that support mental health. As a result, even though

man sitting on balcony enjoying improved physical health after detoxing from alcohol addiction

Alcohol’s Effects on Physical Health

Alcohol’s Effects on Physical Health Alcohol consumption in any amount can have a variety of adverse effects on physical health, including both short-term and long-term

Guides for Mental Health & Substance Abuse

sunset image of the pier near orange county alcohol rehab

Substance Abuse and Sleep

Substance Abuse and Sleep A staggering 50-70 million Americans live with a sleep disorder in the U.S., and 10% of Americans report chronic insomnia. Many

man with hoodie on with his back facing the camera overlooking the beach on a gloomy day to symbolize depression and addiction

Depression and Addiction

Depression and Addiction Depression and addiction can go hand in hand.  Almost 1/3 of people who are clinically depressed engage in drug or alcohol abuse. 

happy family of five walking through a meadow to symbolize how addiction affects the family

How Addiction Affects the Family

How Addiction Affects the Family Many people see battling addiction as a personal problem. In addition to the devastating effects harmful substances have on the

man sitting on a streetside curb hanging his head low due to thoughts of substance abuse and suicide

Substance Abuse and Suicide

Substance Abuse and Suicide The consistent use of alcohol and drugs can create a variety of problems. From low quality of life to legal issues

Resources for Addiction and Mental Health

Mental Health & Opioid Addiction

Mental Health & Opioid Addiction The United States is currently in the midst of an opioid epidemic. This class of drugs, which includes substances such

Southern California Rehab

woman holding medicine bottle to symbolize the science of addiction

The Science of Addiction

The Science of Addiction More than 932,000 individuals have died from drug overdose since 1999, and in 2020, nearly 92,000 deaths due to drug overdose

beautiful beach sunset to symbolize overdose prevention and positivity

Overdose Prevention

Overdose Prevention One of the most severe dangers of drug addiction is a drug overdose, which can be fatal. Since 1999, more than 932,000 [1]

rich sunset over the mountains to symbolize the change that comes from staging an intervention

Guide to Staging an Intervention

Guide to Staging an Intervention Watching a loved one spiral into addiction can be incredibly difficult. In many cases, loved ones may look for an

person walking along the beach near an addiction therapy center in Orange County California

Addiction Therapy

Orange County Rehab Centers Addiction can be a complex mental health issue, and even those with strong wills or right intentions can fall into it.

panorama of the best rehabs in Southern California with streets filled with palm trees

Best Rehabs In Southern California

Best Rehabs in Southern California No matter where you are in life, anyone can fall victim to addiction.  The best thing that you can do


ptsd and addiction

PTSD and Addiction

Individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more susceptible to developing a drug addiction. Studies have shown a 50% prevalence of substance use disorder (SUD)

Resources for Addiction and Mental Health

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