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We offer a mix of the scientifically proven traditional treatment model and evidence-based holistic methods. The primary goal of detoxification is to stabilize your system as comfortably as possible. This may be done using prescribed medications, lots of rest, diet, and holistic calming techniques. These holistic treatments include aromatherapy, guided meditation, mind-body therapies, creative arts therapies, Reiki and yoga.

You and our clinical team will discuss your needs, what you’re comfortable with and what we think will best serve your individual needs. This information is gathered in a collaborative manner to ensure that you are part of the treatment planning process. This first phase of your recovery can be the most difficult time in your recovery and we are here help you through it. Many of the staff at our addiction treatment center have been through exactly the same position that you find yourself in. This gives them an unparalleled insight into your experience. Tolerance and unconditional love, tempered with structure and accountability make it easy to believe that change is possible for anyone and everyone.


Our mission is to create an environment where each individual has the opportunity to develop a solid foundation for long-term sobriety. Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center will provide each individual a quiet, calm and safe place to begin their journey.

Our philosophy is that in order to reduce substance abuse and other behavioral health problems through addiction treatment services, each individual must be empowered to make decisions about their care with the expected outcome of an increased quality of life.

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