Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy in Orange County

Over the years, reality therapy has proven to be an efficient form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This particular treatment focuses on treating a person’s behavior that causes them to make choices out of satisfaction to fulfill a need. If you or your loved one is in need of treatment, contact us today at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center in Mission Viejo.

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What Is Reality Therapy?

Reality therapy has the reputation of being an efficient form of cognitive-behavioral therapy that is known for being client-centered and primarily focuses on different ways of developing healthy relationships or strengthening present life circumstances. Reality therapists are taught to make sure that this form of therapy is done while trying to avoid negative thoughts and feelings that may occur because of past experiences.

Reality choice therapy teaches that we can control most of our behaviors and thoughts, even though we may not always control how we feel. The primary objective that is targeted during this type of therapy treatment is to help those struggling individuals gain the ability to take back control.  Our reality therapy in Orange County improves many aspects of their life by learning how to make better decisions so that they result in more positive outcomes.

The idea of being loved and the vital need for it is the therapeutic approach of reality therapy. Throughout the treatment process, patients begin to feel that they fit-in and that other basic psychological desires can be fulfilled by problem-solving and establishing new and healthy relationships with others.

How Does Reality Choice Therapy Work?

Founded in the 1960s, psychiatrist William Glasser created the basis of reality choice therapy because of five fundamental needs that the majority of humans spend a reasonable amount of time continually throughout their lives seeking to fulfill. Many individuals have suffered from mental health symptoms and other complications that have arisen because these fundamental needs could not be met. Based on William Glasser’s research, the five essential needs were shown to include:


Particular feelings of freedom and independence.


Things or activities that provide a sense of fun, pleasure, and satisfaction.


The comforts of knowing food, shelter, and other survival necessities will be met.


Feeling of power and accomplishment and re-assured of their self-worth.


Needing to feel like they belong and are loved and valued

Studies and statistics have shown that a variety of issues can be created as a result of one or more of these needs are not met. Reality therapy also uses the choice theory to help determine the appropriate treatments for specific situations. The choice theory is the principle that humans use to behave during certain conditions, and knowing that those choices can either help or hurt the ability to satisfy these essential needs that are often required to accomplish personal goals.

Since there are not many ways that someone can change or control another individual’s actions, the only realistic route someone can take to overcoming complex issues is to have total control of your behaviors. This can be accomplished by frequently making the correct choices that help you to remain on the right path as you continue to strive to achieve life goals.

Reality therapy is a unique form of treatment because it can be used to treat a wide variety of mental health disorder symptoms, as well as challenging issues that many people struggle with during the everyday aspects of life.

The two most common reasons people receive reality therapy are:

Substance use disorders and other addictions

Relationship problems and other familty-related issues

Other conditions reality therapy can treat:
  • Anxiety
  • Mild to major depression
  • Clashing of different cultures
  • Feelings of self-worthlessness or low self-esteem
  • Behavioral problems
  • At-risk or otherwise troubled teens
  • Issues with managing anger and sudden outbursts
  • Dealing with the grief of losing a loved one

Benefits of Reality Therapy

Among the more notable benefits that have been consistently seen with patients who have participated in reality therapy processes include:

Process of Reality Therapy Treatment

The crucial and primary role that the therapist plays during reality therapy sessions with their patients is to help their clients stay focused on the specific things that they can do while steering clear of the negative aspects that are often brought up about their past.

Thus, the various reality therapy processes may look a little different from the treatment options offered in most of the other common forms of treatment today seen. Most of the standard types of therapy are known to practice unconditional positive regard, which is a fancy way of saying that each client should feel accepted entirely and show the therapist’s utmost respect, no matter the severity of the past actions or experiences.

Patients are expected to do the following in reality therapy:
  • Avoiding the discussion of negative symptoms they may be experiencing
  • Given ample opportunity to make specific goals and plan for the future
  • Gear all efforts towards trying to make positive changes to their behaviors and thoughts
  • Stop focusing on the past and prioritize their thinking on the present
  • Stay away from any excuses that may have been used in the past to dismiss their negative actions or destructive behaviors.
  • Learning to stop blaming others for their mistakes or comparing themselves to the situations of others

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