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SoCal Sunrise Now In-Network With Magellan Healthcare Insurance

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center is now In-Network with Magellan Healthcare Insurance.  If you or a loved one suffers from a drug or alcohol use disorder, SoCal Sunrise Recovery Center could be the place for you. Contact us today to verify your insurance and discover the treatments you are eligible for. 

In-Network with Magellan Insurance 

Researching what your insurance covers can often be a confusing process.  With the number of different insurance companies and policies, it can be challenging to comprehend what treatments you are eligible for.  

With over 40 years in business, Magellan Health Insurance is dedicated to providing behavioral health and mental health services for patients.  At Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, we are In-Network with Magellan Insurance, and our representatives are ready to help you understand your coverage today.

Treatments Covered by Magellan Insurance

Magellan Healthcare Insurance specializes in behavioral health services and most importantly covering substance use disorder treatments.  Their core mission is to help individuals create a healthier life for themselves while giving them various options to get help.  The company provides a variety of health plans that include many treatments with your respective recovery center.  

Some treatments include: 

Magellan Healthcare Rehab Coverage

Understanding your healthcare plan and policies can often be confusing.  Ultimately, treatments Magellan Insurance will cover all depends on the healthcare plan you have. Fortunately, Magellan Healthcare does an excellent job laying out what you qualify for.  Not only do they do a great job but as an In-Network Recovery Center with Magellan, you can give us a call and we can answer any questions you have about your coverage. 

Contact us today to receive a free insurance verification and learn more about Magellan Healthcare Insurance Coverage at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center.  

Clinically Reviewed By

Dawn Masick, LMFT

Dawn has experience dealing with various relational, emotional, and psychological struggles. Dawn’s training has prepared her to work with children, teens, young adults, adults, couples, and families. She has undergone training in DBT, TF-CBT, and Family Therapy.  Other competencies include dealing with ADHD, mood/anxiety disorders, parenting challenges, addiction, PTSD, co- dependency, and relationship issues. I have experience in residential, school-based mental health, children’s community mental health, victims of crime (VOC), and private practice settings.

Dawn has been committed to guiding clients through their trauma, coming alongside them in their healing, and supporting them as they navigate life changes. Dawn’s passion is working with clients struggling with trauma in substance abuse and mental health.