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One battle that many people have a hard time winning is addiction. When you decide you or a loved one is ready to seek addiction treatment or rehab, you have insurance questions that need answers. If you are using military insurance many times, you’ll have TriCare Insurance

There are treatment centers that help verify what TriCare Insurance will provide upfront so your rehab won’t have any surprises or unexpected costs on the backend. Once your insurance is verified, you can take your first steps towards a new life that’s free of addiction, substance abuse disorders, or mental health concerns. However, if you’re not sure what your insurance will cover, please keep reading.

Almost everything you need to learn more about how TriCare insurance handles rehabilitation is provided below.

TriCare Insurance

TriCare insurance is military insurance that’s an insurance plan provided for many military personnel and veterans. What types of treatment TriCare rehab insurance covers is vital knowledge to have before you are admitted or seek outpatient rehab. Every insurance covers rehab treatment with its own processes, and TriCare insurance is no exception.

TriCare is accepted in all fifty states. TriCare is also available to veterans and active-duty military in;

  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • The Northern Mariana Islands
  • The Virgin Islands
  • Puerto Rico

TriCare is an insurance company committed to helping military personnel and veterans receive addiction or behavioral treatment. To help yourself, you need to know the first steps you need to facilitate rehab.

Will TriCare Insurance Cover Rehab?

TriCare insurance for rehab is broken down into behavioral, mental, and substance abuse addictions categories. That means active military or veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Syndrome to depression or substance abuse can seek treatment through TriCare. The addiction centers that use TriCare are committed to helping the veterans and active-duty military personnel through their rehab needs.

There is no veteran or active military member who shouldn’t have access to rehab after giving so much to protect our country’s freedoms. Treatments that are offered at TriCare Insurance rehab providers like the Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center include, but aren’t limited to;

There’s no one size fits all regarding insurance covering rehab. But TriCare rehab understands that rehab programs for drugs and alcohol also have to treat behavioral and mental health disorders as they are often linked together.

TriCare Rehab

The recovery program centers covered by TriCare for rehab treatments include the ones offered by Southern California Sunrise Recovery. We will help you determine upfront through insurance verification what your TriCare rehab insurance will pay. The extent of your rehab coverage is often based on the individual plan you signed up for. 

It is your individual plan that determines the breakdown of what TriCare will cover in your treatment. Even if some of your treatment needs aren’t covered by TriCare, there are times when Southern California Sunrise Recovery will seek a single case agreement with TriCare. The single case agreement will help cover your costs while you’re in rehab.

By covering your treatment in any way, they can Southern California Sunrise Recovery shows their innate commitment and desire to help you with your addiction or rehab needs. 

Pay for Rehab 

Almost no one wants to begin rehab treatment by not knowing what they will have to pay out of pocket to receive it. Regardless of what process is used or the treatment you need, it’s essential to have a plan of action that you feel comfortable with financially. That’s what makes TriCare different. TriCare understands the successful treatment you complete today that keeps you healthy and substance-abuse free tomorrow. 

Substance Abuse

TriCare health plans offer you the community care network to determine which treatment plans you need and the processes required to be covered by your insurance? In this process, it’s with its high level of care during your rehab treatment that helps prepare you for your life after you complete your rehab. You’re not alone in seeking help covering rehab costs through one of TriCare’s health plans.

Approximately twenty million other Americans are fighting the same battle as you with addiction disorders or rehab needs. One in three of those seeking treatment through a TriCare health plan is military personnel on active duty or a veteran. It’s essential you remember your rehab needs can be treated successfully with TriCare by your side, helping you fight and win.

TriCare Health Plans

No two people seeking rehab treatment have the same needs. That’s why TriCare insurance works diligently on a case-by-case status by listening to rehab facilities like the Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center. The rehab program you need is the one that fits your needs the best.

Southern California Sunrise Recovery is where you can find the compassionate treatment you need, and TriCare insurance will help you take your first step. We will help you find healthy new beginnings. It will be new beginnings that are strong enough to take you down a new path of overall wellness.

Your Next Step is The Most Important One

Rehab treatments start by assessing your rehabilitation service needs and then customizing the program to fit your treatment areas. Finding the right rehab and recovery programs and tools that work best for you helps you optimize your recovery results. Reach out to Southern California Sunrise Recovery when you’re ready to take your first step in your recovery process.

Don’t put off one more day because you already have a team in place that will help you overcome the challenges you now face.  Contact Us Today!

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