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Pet Friendly Rehab in Orange County

California Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The love and companionship of a pet can be an integral part of your happiness, helping you through your addiction. While most rehabs don’t allow pets or have breed restrictions, Southern California Sunrise Recovery Rehab Center accepts both you and your pet with open arms.

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Bring Your Best Friend With You

We’ve seen how the affection of a pet can help a broken person put the pieces back together. The warm smile, the honest energy, and the affectionate companionship that comes from your pet can help push you towards the side of sobriety.

Animals provide a much-needed sense of unconditional love that is conducive to your recovery. Pets can help you get past trauma and experiences, allowing you to open up. This heightened emotional state can help you create new friendships during your recovery.

Animals like dogs simply have a biological instinct to connect with you when they’re needed most. They pass no critical judgment onto their owners, supporting them when they need it most.

There is more to a successful recovery than just abstinence: it’s the feeling of love and self-worth in knowing you can continue the sober lifestyle; it’s the understanding that life has so much good to offer. Your pet can help you see that the future can always get better, through both the good times and the bad times.

Benefits Of Bringing Your Pet To Rehab

You don’t have to leave your pet alone. Since rehab typically requires a lengthy minimum stay of 28 days, most rehab options would require you to find a caretaker and shelter for your pet. This can be a irksome, especially if you don’t have anyone to care for the pet.

Pets bring comfort, company, and tranquility. These benefits are great for your mental health, improving mood and allowing for better healing. With your mind right, you can understand your addictions better, increasing your willpower to deal with them.

Pets can give you a sense of purpose. A study showed that animals can improve the effectiveness of addiction treatment by giving people a sense of purpose and something to live well for. Because we love our animals so deeply, we often want a better life for them — which starts by creating a better life for ourselves. They naturally  instill responsibility in us.

Pets help you better establish social relationships. The genuine bond you share with your pet brings insight to the importance of stable relationships. On the road to sobriety, rebuilding core relationships is key. This unconditional love can transition in helping you forming long-lasting relationships with others in your life.

Other Addiction Treatment Programs

Our Orange County drug rehab centers have treatment options for alcohol, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and more. We provide specialized treatment that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs.  Learn more about our unique treatment options below.

Enroll In Our Pet-Friendly Rehab

At SoCal Sunrise, we want you to heal as comfortably and wholesomely as possible. That’s why we’d love to see you bring your furry best friend with you to our drug and alcohol rehab center.

We’re animal lovers ourselves, understanding how much joy these beloved creatures can bring into our lives.

We don’t want you to have to choose between them and your recovery. In fact, improving your situation with addiction treatment may actually improve their lives as well. They truly are a part of your journey in every way.

Do yourself and your pet a favor and get stronger control over your life. We know you and your best friend will be glad you did.

Call SoCal Recovery Center to enroll in our pet-friendly drug and alcohol rehab today!

Clinically Reviewed By:

Joe Cavins, LMFT

Joseph Cavins holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Cal State Fullerton and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Initially inspired during his tenure as a school bus driver, Joseph balanced his duties with his studies, demonstrating a strong commitment to his academic pursuits. Post-graduation, he gained significant experience in clinical settings, interning at Aspen Community Services where he later served for 10 years, eventually becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He also earned certification from the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Association as a Mental Health Provider.

Joseph’s professional journey includes roles in private practice and contracting with the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Special Education Department, culminating in his recent position at Southern California Sunrise Recovery in 2024.