Misconceptions About Mental Health

Misconceptions About Mental Health

Treatment for mental health disorders is arguably one of the most stigmatized areas of psychology. Discussing the need for mental wellness in contemporary American society and foreign cultures is taboo. 

There are many misconceptions surrounding mental health. Some of the most common mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety, are heavily pigeonholed in and out of media. 

This can be dangerous, leaving room for you to internalize these harmful stereotypes. Being able to inform yourself about the various amount of misinformation concerning mental health allows you to deter its harmful effects and formulate your own opinions. 

Many falsified ideologies perpetuate the mainstream when it comes to topics such as mental health, addiction, recovery, and wellness. It is essential not to allow this to deter you from seeking help if you need it. 

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center is aware of how isolated those struggling with mental health disorders and recovery are made to feel.

You can take approaches to embark on a wellness and/or recovery journey in which you can shut out the outside noise. However, becoming informed about these misconceptions is beneficial to avoid perpetuating them initially.

Misconceptions Surrounding Mental Health

The idea that therapy is for “crazy people” is offensive and false. The need to seek therapy does not indicate who you are and speaks very little to your character. 

The ability to admit one’s need for help shows bravery. It should never be frowned upon, only applauded. People who are dealing with a mental disorder deserve appropriate care and attention. 

However, therapy and mental health facilities cater to everyone, irrespective of status. Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center does not discriminate or pathologize its clients.

Issues in life happen; when they do, they sometimes heavily affect you mentally. This can sometimes be so severe that it impacts your mood, behavior, and overall well-being. This does not make you crazy. Your acknowledgment of your need for help makes you very centered and self-aware. 

“You Don’t Need to Speak to Anyone About Your Mental Health”

It is common for society to promote ignoring our problems and going through the motions. The narrative that you can handle everything on your own without help may seem initially empowering, but this could not be further from the truth. 

If something is troubling you, it is to your benefit to speak to a trusted friend or loved one in an attempt for relief. Counseling or therapy may be great options to provide evidence-based solutions.

In drug and alcohol addiction instances, seeking help is definitely in your best interest. The journey to your wellness cannot be made successfully in isolation. 

Discussing your issues is far more beneficial than wishing your problems away. Perhaps, talking things out does not come easily to you. Maybe you were never truly allowed to express yourself growing up or were never taught that your voice matters. 

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center believes in your voice and understands it has a rightful place in this world. It may be initially challenging to express yourself, but bottling up your emotions deters your healing. 

Try starting small – perhaps, confiding in a close friend or family member. Everyone needs to feel heard, seen and understood.

‘You Can Just Snap Out of a Dark Place’

This form of thinking is misleading and potentially dangerous. When left to deal with dark and sad thoughts on your own, you are also left up to your own devices and choices. 

The reality is that when you are enduring a rough patch mentally, sometimes your thoughts are not cohesive or logical. This does not make you “crazy” or “unwell.” This is a common misconception about therapy. 

It does, however, mean that you may need another perspective or outlook on your situation to ensure you do not make an impulsive decision. Struggling with poor mental health impacts everyone differently. 

Although there are consistencies with specific mental health conditions, mental health is different for everyone. It is not healthy, nor is it advisable to simply try to “snap out of it.” 

In therapy or counseling, you are engaging with someone who can provide you with practical steps to help you work out of a dark place. Trying to rid yourself of these poor thoughts quickly may work initially, but it is not sustainable or practical. Your needs are essential, and these misconceptions are unsuitable for those attempting to embark on wellness, recovery, and progressive mental health. 

At Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, we understand that navigating life’s challenges may be difficult, but it is never something you have to confront alone. Resources, community, and treatment programs will help you feel less isolated. If you find yourself in a place of solitude, desperation, or overall poor mental health, there is assistance for you. Although it may be tempting to try it alone, understand that many internalize these harmful misconceptions when struggling to manage their mental health.

Your capability to rise through this difficulty is within you. We can help you process your thoughts alongside a companion. You can be encouraged and affirmed while learning to trust yourself and others again. Our facility has a trained staff who are well versed in issues as intense as anxiety. There is hope. Call (949) 284-7325.


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