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From shopping malls to aquariums, Long Beach, California, is full of amazing opportunities. It seems the city never sleeps. 

With so much going on, it can be hard for Long Beach’s 456,154 citizens to focus on their mental health or even know where to find treatment in California. 

If you are one of these citizens and would like to know more about the various Long Beach mental health options, keep reading to learn more. 

Everything Long Beach Offers

The city of Long Beach is filled with dozens of attractions

Wildlife lovers could visit local zoos or The Aquarium of the Pacific. Paranormal enthusiasts can choose from haunted ships to ghost tours of the town. Food experts can dine out at countless exotic restaurants. Not to mention the beaches and all they have to offer

In this city, options are truly endless. 

Long Beach Mental Health

With that being said, mental health treatment centers are not as easy to come by in Long Beach.

Long Beach is very popular, making most mental health centers here full. Because of this, you might find yourself on a waitlist for months. You could wait your turn, but you shouldn’t have to. 

The easiest solution to this problem is to think about outsourcing and looking for mental health treatment in nearby cities. The drive might be a little longer, but your options would expand greatly, and you could get the help you need much faster. 

Orange County Mental Health Treatment

Orange County is one city you should consider looking into for mental health treatment. It is only 25 minutes or so from Long Beach, making it a quick drive. 

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center is one of the best mental health treatment centers in this area. Our center is a judgment-free environment that allows you to express yourself freely. 

We have a devoted team of therapists who are more than ready to help you begin your mental health journey.

Our website is a good starting point for you; it gives you a peek inside our program. We have many resources to help you find out more about what you may be experiencing and the best therapy option for you. 

Our Services  

Our team of professionals at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center specializes in many mental disorders

We know that it can be hard to open up about your diagnosis, and we are prepared to spend as much time as you need talking through your symptoms and experiences. Your feelings are valid, and so are your struggles. 

Major Depressive Disorder

This is a mental disorder that consists of major feelings of sadness or hopelessness that continue for more than two weeks. 

Major Depressive Disorder is also commonly known as Clinical Depression and can impact one’s life to the point of self-harm. This disorder impacts around seven percent of Americans every year but can be overcome through counseling and medications. 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This is a mental disorder that causes extreme feelings of anxiety and excessive worrying. This goes beyond day-to-day nervousness and can be so strong it causes a person to struggle to perform their daily tasks. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD is a mental disorder that makes a person perform specific rituals or behaviors and think repetitive thoughts. Most of the time, their feelings and thoughts are irrational, but the person struggling cannot stop themselves from doing them. 


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that distorts how a person sees reality; this makes it harder for them to connect with people. A person struggling with this may be experiencing visual or audio hallucinations and delusions. 

Dissociative Identity Disorder

This is a personality disorder that causes an aggressive type of disassociation. Their disassociation makes the person struggling feel disconnected from their life and surroundings. This is typically developed as a coping mechanism by someone who experienced trauma in their life. 

Borderline Personality Disorder

This is a personality disorder that is identified by mood swings and a changing self-image or behaviors. People with this disorder usually have strong moments of anger, sadness, or anxiety. 

Our Therapies 

Our clinic recognizes that the path to healing looks different for everyone. Because of this, we offer our patients many treatment or therapy options. Some of them include: 

  • Psychotherapy– offers you a chance to talk to a professional about your life experiences or thoughts
  • Behavioral Therapy– helps you to identify and change your unhealthy behaviors
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy– focuses on how a person’s thoughts or beliefs have affected their life
  • Reality Therapy– centered around helping a person improve their current relationships without bringing up the past

We accept all major insurances and provide free insurance verification on our website. 

Psychological Evaluation

Before we can treat you, we will perform a psychological evaluation. This will decide if you have a mental illness. This will be done by having you take a few tests and assessments. We might also need to look at your medical background and physical health as well. 

This evaluation will take anywhere between 20 to 90 minutes and will include a few types of testing such as: 

  • Cognitive Evaluation – A screening for any cognitive impairments that may impact your brain function
  • Looking at Your Personal History – Here will be asked about your lifestyle  to help determine any stressors in your life
  • Looking at Your Mental Health History – Here you will be asked about any symptoms or psychiatric treatments you have had 
  • Performing a Physical Exam – This part determines if any physical issues have been contributing to your mental state

This is a very crucial part of the diagnosis process. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you are as honest as possible with your doctor during this evaluation. This will ensure that you receive the best mental health treatment for yourself.

Schedule an Appointment 

Now that you have learned how to solve your Long Beach mental health crisis, all you need to do is visit Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center’s website. Here you can learn more about us and our mental health treatment services.

Once you’ve read all that you need to, please schedule an appointment with one of our therapists or call us and speak to one of our team members today. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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