Does United Healthcare Cover Rehab?


If you or a loved one are suffering from drug addiction, you’re not alone. About 10% of Americans have had a drug use disorder in their lives. Having the right insurance can mean the difference between getting the help you need or letting the problem persist.

United Healthcare is one of the largest insurance providers in the U.S. and it offers a variety of options for addiction treatment. Instead of googling ‘United Healthcare rehab’, use this guide to have all of your questions answered about what this insurance plan covers. 

Ready to know more about United Healthcare drug rehab coverage? Let’s dive in.

What Is United Healthcare?

United Health Group is a health and well-being company that offers health insurance through United Healthcare. There are over 1.2 million doctors and healthcare professionals partnered with them and over 6,500 hospitals that provide discounted access to medical care.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, the law requires insurance companies to cover the costs of drug and alcohol rehab. You have a variety of paths when it comes to your recovery journey and United Healthcare covers more than you’d expect. However, it’s worth noting that the coverage you get depends on your specific insurance plan.

As far as costs go, there are some terms you’ll want to familiarize yourself with it. Especially if you are still browsing through insurance plans to enroll in.

Monthly premiums are what you must pay to have the plan. Some plans require a higher monthly premium than others depending on all the benefits you receive.

The annual deductible is the amount you have to pay on your own before the insurance takes over the cost. The copay is a flat fee you pay for covered services and the coinsurance is the percentage of costs that you’ll pay after you reach the deductible.  

What Does UnitedHealthcare Cover?

You’ll want to check the coverage you have or are interested in, to know the specifics of what you can get covered. Focusing on health and wellness, you’ll notice plans cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Certain medical devices
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental and behavioral health services
  • Maternity care
  • Certain costs of cancer treatment
  • Preventative services

Your health insurance might cover large, unexpected events or smaller medical situations like routine check-ups.  

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

As mentioned previously, insurance does need to cover mental and behavioral health services. This includes rehab. In terms of the specific services included in policies, that ranges.

There’s inpatient and outpatient detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient alcohol and drug use rehab. Typically a full permanent plan such as an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) offers a variety of substance abuse treatment facilities, at least when compared to other plans.

While there might be pre-certification requirements for some of them, it really depends on the services provided and if the program is inpatient or outpatient.

For inpatient rehab coverage, it depends entirely on the type of United Healthcare plan you have as well as the state you live in. 

You should note that the lowest premium plan, Short Term Medical Value, does not cover expenses related to rehab. This goes for any Short Term plan, they are not full-coverage so they’re unlikely to provide addiction or rehab treatment since they don’t fall under the Affordable Care Act requirements.

As far as United Healthcare’s outpatient coverage? It is very similar to the inpatient benefits offered. You pay your deductible and then the insurance comes in to pay the rest.  

How to Pay for Rehab

It may seem like there are no options for financial assistance if you have limited or no insurance. That is simply not true. Addiction can cause enough damage as it is so if you’re ready to close that chapter of your life, there are many ways to pay for rehab. 

If you’re not eligible for private insurance then there are other options to enroll in that cover rehab costs. This includes:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Military Insurance
  • State-financed health insurance

If for any reason, you or a loved one aren’t eligible for insurance – you can look into different programs that offer financing options. There’s also free or low-income centers but a financing option for the center you prefer is a better option since free rehab centers tend to have limited resources. 

Look for treatment centers that are of good quality but offer financial payment options. The factors that determine the cost of a rehab center include the type of center it is, the treatments offered, and the amenities.

An inpatient program is higher than an outpatient program because of the cost of living and intensive care offered. Certain areas, like California, are more expensive. The length of your treatment will also add to your costs.

Another factor that will determine how much rehab will cost is the treatment offered. You might not need detoxification or certain therapies, this will save you some money.

The last factor, which is significant in terms of cost, is the amenities. This includes things like tennis courts and massages. These luxury rehab options are often for the wealthy, there is plenty of affordable option that is wonderful.  

United Healthcare Rehab

Dealing with addiction can be a painful and frustrating process. The good news is that there are several options to start your journey toward recovery. The first step is to see your options for treatment centers. 

It isn’t easy to afford help and that’s where insurance comes in. You might be wondering what the United Healthcare drug rehab coverage is. Most likely, you will not have to pay a significant amount since UnitedHealthcare covers a significant amount. 

The best way to know for sure is to research United Healthcare rehab coverage and check your own specific plan.

Ready to take the first step toward recovery? Be sure to check out our program to see what we offer!

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