Coping with Depression in a Relationship

Depression Can Affect Your Relationships. Treatment for Depression in CA.

It’s no secret that depression can cause a large number of complications in your life. This is especially true when it comes to the quality of your relationships with others. But, there’s plenty that people don’t know about depression itself and how it affects these bonds.

There is nothing more painful than being accused of abandoning a loved one at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. 

However, you shouldn’t remain in a strained relationship with no hope of a future out of obligation or guilt either.

Before it gets to the point where you have to part ways in the relationship, you should be sure you’ve done everything to keep the relationship together. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed by the guilt you felt, wondering if you did the right thing or not.

Suicide Prevention

If there is ever a time when your partner may threaten to commit suicide if you leave. This is a serious situation that requires immediate attention.

If you believe your loved one is at risk of committing suicide, use the resources below to get help.

Understanding Depression

Depression involves much more than feeling down every once in a while. More specifically, depression is generally categorized by a loss of interest in activities or experiences.

Primarily, someone who is experiencing depression will illustrate a loss of interest in their favorite ways to spend their time. They may no longer wish to socialize, pursue a hobby, etc.

For example, someone who used to enjoy their job and hobbies thoroughly may no longer experience the same level of excitement or fulfillment. Over time, this could cause them to question the purpose of these activities and feel as if there is no point in participating.

Clinical depression can be diagnosed if you have five or more symptoms over a period of two weeks. In the interest of your well-being and your relationship, you must immediately have this condition evaluated by a physician or mental health professional.

Coping with Depression in Relationships

Educate Yourself

A great way to start helping your loved one is to educate yourself about depression. The fact that you are here reading this is a step in the right direction. Try learning about the causes, signs and symptoms, and treatments.

Ask your partner physician to aid you in finding resources that provide you with information on depression.

Sources that may help you include:

Find Outside Support

You don’t have to go through this alone. Try sharing your feelings and concerns with those you are close with, like family and friends.

Your needs are just as important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.

Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

It can be easy to make brash decisions. You may find yourself feeling like there is no way out from a relationship with someone who has depression. If you feel like you’re putting way too much energy into that person, it may be a good idea to distance yourself for a bit.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you weigh your options and choose wisely. Be sure it’s a decision you can live with. Keep in mind that decisions made in an angry state of mind may not be the best ones at the time.

Take Care of Yourself

As mentioned before, your state of being is just as important as your partner with depression. It can be extremely stressful to cope with another person’s depression.

It is entirely okay to take some time to yourself to make sure your mental state is healthy. Practicing self-care is not a selfish thing to do. It will pay off in the long run when you have to make an important decision.

Get Professional Help

Treatment is essential for a person who is battling depression. If your partner is well enough to get professional help, consider looking for a mental health treatment facility like ours.

A therapist will be able to work with them closely to provide advice and therapeutic modalities to help with their depression.

We offer many therapies, including:

It may be worth saving the relationship despite depression. A couple’s counseling can be the key to healing and moving forward. Even if counseling doesn’t work out as you anticipated, at least you can walk away knowing you tried.

Depression Treatment with Socal Sunrise Mental Health

Don’t let depression control your life any longer. Whether you or your partner are dealing with depression, there is a way to get better. Our Southern California Sunrise Mental Health team provides depression treatment catered to our client’s specific circumstances.

You can learn more about depression treatment in California by contacting us at (949) 284-7325.

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