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If you live in the Fresno, California area and have been looking for a mental health treatment center, look no further. There are plenty of options in the Central Valley but exploring areas further south may be a better option. You can be closer to the ocean and experience all the calming effects of a temperate climate while receiving mental health help. 

This guide will go over how to find Fresno mental health treatment centers and all the tools you’ll need at your disposal to find the best option for you. 

Before You Begin

Before you start your search for mental health facilities, you need to take your finances and health insurance into consideration. Not all treatment facilities accept public or private health insurance. A lot of them are paid by individuals directly. 

However, there are some inpatient treatment centers that will accept health insurance. There are even some psychiatric and residential services that are offered for free. 

Southern California Sunrise Mental Health is happy to accept most insurances. Some of the in-network insurances we accept include:

  • Aetna 
  • Anthem
  • Health Net
  • Magellan

Each insurance covers different mental health disorders and treatment plans. When you contact our office, we’ll review your insurance plan to make the process as easy as possible for you. We’ll also ensure that your treatment plan is covered under your insurance so you can focus on healing as soon as possible. 

Determine What Your Goals Are

As you begin researching mental health treatment facilities, you need to think about what type of treatment you need. Evaluate if the facilities you’re looking at offer that type of treatment and if the characteristics of the place meet your needs. 

Other items you should take into consideration include:

  • The intensity and nature of the treatments offered
  • The ambiance and layout of the facility
  • The amount of community integration and degree of independence 
  • The types of activities offered
  • How close it is to other treatment resources

Your goal should be finding the right combination of treatments and services in a setting that makes you feel at home. You can get a good feeling of how a place will be from their website and speaking with the staff. 

Figure Out What Type of Treatment Center

There are a variety of types of treatment centers you can go to that depend upon your needs and level of care. There is the perfect mental health treatment center out there for you. 

Residential Treatment Center

A licensed inpatient treatment center may be the best choice for you if you’re having a lot of issues with your mental health. This atmosphere is ideal for those who need regular monitoring and intensive treatment. Your day is entirely structured, so you can focus on getting better without being bogged down with day-to-day responsibilities. 

The treatment plans offered in a residential treatment center are customized based on your needs. You can participate in group or individual therapy. How long you stay there depends on your own specific needs. 

Outpatient Treatment Facilities 

If you can still function in your daily life and your routine would be disrupted by staying at a treatment facility, look into outpatient treatment facilities. They’re a flexible option, allowing you to continue working while you receive treatment. 

They also include options for patients that need intensive therapy but aren’t able to stay overnight. You’ll experience the same type of intensity that inpatient therapy offers but will be able to leave at nighttime. If you don’t need 24/7 care, this is a great option. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatments

You can get help with substance abuse and mental health disorders in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Your treatment plans will be tailored to address both of these issues. You can target your mental health and addiction issues right at the source. 

Your treatment plan will look different depending upon whether you choose outpatient or inpatient treatment. There is more freedom with outpatient therapy but can increase the risk of relapsing for certain people. If you’ve relapsed in the past, outpatient therapy isn’t recommended. 

Find the Best Location

You should limit your mental health treatment facility options based on your geographic location. That could severely reduce the number of options available. Expanding your search to include Southern California and other neighboring areas will give you more facilities to choose from. 

Your goal is to find the best facility that matches what you’re looking for. You want the best care possible and sometimes that means driving a few hours away from home. Don’t let proximity limit you. 

Being away from home can also distance you from those who may have been bad influences. It gives you the opportunity to explore your issues and yourself when you’re farther away from your nest and family. Open up the door to new possibilities as you start your healing process. 

Questions to Ask 

When you’ve narrowed down your list of mental health treatment facilities, compile a list of questions you want to ask staff members. It’s a great way to get a feel of the place and how you’ll fit in there. 

Some questions you should ask include:

  • What’s the gender make-up and age range of the residents?
  • What are their different psychiatric disorders?
  • How many staff members are there to residents?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • What’s the level of client independence and supervision?
  • Is there any interaction between the residents and staff?
  • Are there inpatient psychiatric services offered on-site?
  • What kind of treatments are offered?
  • How often would I receive treatment?
  • Are there any treatments that take place off-site?

Knowing how intensive their treatment plans are will help you gauge if it’s a right fit for you. As the staff members ask you questions, they’ll also be able to determine if you will fit in there as well. 

Find Fresno Mental Health Treatment Options

Acknowledging that you need help is one of the hardest parts of seeking out mental health treatment. Finding Fresno mental health treatment facilities are the next step. Don’t limit your search to just Fresno – expand it to include multiple areas of the state. Southern California Sunrise Mental Health is here to help. Contact our facility today for free insurance verification. We look forward to helping you on the road to recovery.

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