Southern California Sunrise Recovery Offers Detox & Residential Rehab In Mission Viejo California

Mission Viejo Alcohol Detox

Entering a detox and drug rehab program is a pivotal moment. It’s your chance to remove yourself from your past lifestyle and receive the healing you need to start a brand-new chapter.

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center offers comprehensive detox and drug rehab services that put you in the right atmosphere and mind-frame to make monumental, lasting changes to your life.

Whether this would be your first residential rehab experience, or you’ve been in-and-out of different programs, our mission is simple: to direct your mind, body, and spirit to a path of sobriety, healing, and positivity.

Our Process


Detoxification is the first step to sobriety. To heal, you must remove all toxins related to drugs and alcohol. During this process, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. This is a necessary hurdle, and we mitigate discomfort with the help of certain medications.

First, before we begin the detoxification process, our team of medical professionals evaluate the your medical history, evaluate your drug toxicity levels through blood testing, and create a tailored detox plan based on this information.

Detoxification can produce challenging withdrawals symptoms, and undergoing detox without medical supervision can be dangerous. People experience detox symptoms differently, which is why we engineered a program that’s customized to your needs.

Our methods are evidenced-based, and the program is supervised by trained medical professionals who are experienced in addiction treatment.  Our expert staff will provide the encouragement and motivation to help you pass our detox Orange County program successfully.


Once your body is free of toxicity, you are physically able to start the rehabilitory process. Our Lake County, CA residential rehab center gives our patients their best chance to remain clean after the program.

When you’re deep in your day-to-day life, it’s hard to dedicate time and energy into healing yourself. Daily distractions and responsibilities can keep you tethered to your old lifestyle. When you begin our residential rehab program, we place you in a safe, judgement-free environment that enables you to heal and grow at your speed. This atmosphere plays a huge role in helping you relax, stay dedicated, and achieve sobriety.

We provide a strong support system that helps you extract the most value from your therapy. We provide 12-step and non 12-step meetings that allow patients to work through their challenges in a group setting. We schedule regular group outings at fun venues to help them see that’s there’s a vibrant and fulfilling life beyond drugs and alcohol.

Our expert staff helps patients practice mindfulness through meditation— an eastern practice meant to help you achieve inner serenity and stability. To break through toxic habits, your mind, body and spirit must be fully aligned.

Uncover the Best “You”

We know that any addiction is beatable. Underneath all the addictive behavior is a person who is clawing to get out and is ready to radically change their life for the better.
Our Southern California detox and drug rehab program is designed to help you reverse your substance abuse, conquer your conditioning, and live the life you are meant to live. Contact us today to get started.

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