Having a hard time fitting guided meditation for anxiety into your schedule? We have the solution. Actually, we have six of them.

Below is a list of must-have meditation apps for anxiety. Each one of them makes daily meditation achievable—convenient, even.

There are also unique benefits to each one that are worth exploring. Best of all, they’re all free to download and use.

So stop stressing about how to relax and check out these apps.

1. Headspace: Meditation and Sleep

Headspace is like a digital anxiety coach. It offers guided and unguided meditations and several training courses on meditation and stress relief.

These resources cover a variety of topics: mindfulness, achieving relaxation, balancing your life, getting a good night’s sleep, and more. Through this training and practice, you’ll learn to react less to your anxiety triggers and lower your overall stress levels.

The app also lets you track your progress. Friends and family can join in, too, and give you support and encouragement through the app.

The free app includes some basic courses and features. But the full library of resources is available only through a monthly subscription.

2. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm, like Headspace, also offers guided meditations on various topics that anyone and everyone can benefit from. Whether you’re brand new to meditation or you have years of experience you’ll find plenty of relevant relaxation content on Calm.

Also, these meditations range from 3 to 25 minutes long. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can easily incorporate Calm into your daily routine.

In addition to meditation and stress management courses, Calm also helps you sleep. It includes a large database of nature sounds, stories, and other calming audio tracks to help you fall asleep.

This is another app that comes free with basic features and offers upgraded features for a subscription fee.

meditation apps to reduce anxiety

3. Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation & Mindfulness

Stop, Breathe, & Think offers guided meditations along with courses on yoga and breathing exercises. The app also offers personalized content suggestions.

Each time you check-in, it encourages you to track your mood and your progress. Based on your input, it offers suggested content that will be of most benefit to you that day. This could mean specific breathing or yoga techniques, guided meditation, visualization, or an instructional guide on acupressure that can help.

The app developers also use such data to track their own progress in helping people relax. For instance, they report that Stop, Breathe and think users show an average 46% reduction in anxiety symptoms.

This app is free but offers in-app purchases.

4. Mindshift CBT – Anxiety Canada

Unlike the other apps on this list, Mindshift is specifically designed for adolescents and young adults who are struggling with anxiety issues. Generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and certain phobias are among the mental health issues Mindshift addresses. Mindshift hopes to help kids eliminate these disorders in their early stages, before they have a chance to set in and impair their adult lives.

The app has a large library of learning resources, tools, and training programs to give kids a greater understanding of their conditions. They’ll also learn the skills they need to cope with and overcome these issues.

The training and resources the app provides are mostly based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). They also use easy, engaging language that young readers can fully understand and relate to.

This app is 100% free. It’s worth noting, though, that the app doesn’t have much in the way of progress tracking features.

5. Sanvello – Stress and Anxiety Help

Sanvello is another CBT-based app. It provides a deep understanding of CBT: the basic elements of CBT, advanced strategies, and how they work. The app includes lessons on mindfulness meditation, challenging biased thought patterns, setting small/achievable goals, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing exercises.

Perhaps best of all, Sanvello has excellent tracking features for tracking your mood, health, and progress. It allows for very detailed records of behaviors and activities that impact your health.

For example, you can input factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, eating habits, exercise, and sleep patterns. This way, the app helps you learn which of these factors affect your mood and mental health and how so.

And it converts your personal history of mental/emotional health into visual aids, like charts and graphs. Normally, your progress against mental health/mood disorders is hard to measure and even harder to see. But, with Sanvello, you get to see an actual, quantifiable visualization of your progress.

The basic version is free to download and use. But unlimited use of all features requires a subscription.

6. Colorfy: Adult Coloring Book – Free Style Color

You probably wouldn’t think that coloring in a digital coloring book counts as therapy for anxiety. But, surprisingly, many experts in psychology and meditation have spoken up about the psychological and emotional benefits of mandala coloring. 

The act of fully immersing yourself into a creative activity, like coloring, enters you into a state of deep, focused meditation known as “flow.” In this state of ultimate mindfulness, you are focused exclusively on the present moment. Meanwhile, your creative energy simply flows out from you, effortlessly and automatically.

This active meditation is said to improve one’s mood, memory, attention, and other cognitive skills. It’s also said to improve one’s resilience after a traumatic experience. 

With Colorfy, you can access this flow state and its benefits anytime and anywhere through your smartphone. All you need is a few minutes of free time.

You don’t even have to pay for it—it’s completely free except for optional, purchasable upgrades. But be warned: being free means your meditation will be occasionally interrupted by ads. However, putting your phone in airplane mode before you color should solve this.

Get Guided Meditation For Anxiety In Your Pocket

These apps make it easy to make guided meditation for anxiety part of your life. Plus, they’re free. So you really have no reason not to check them out.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, having trouble sleeping, or trying to reduce stress in your life, give these apps a try.

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