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Addiction Treatment in Oceanside, CA

If you live in Oceanside, California and are seeking addiction treatment you might not be satisfied with your local options.  But there are other opportunities for drug and alcohol treatment in South Orange County.  If you are struggling with addiction and need a safe and comfortable place to recover, Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center may be the rehab center that you’ve been looking for.

 At our residential treatment center, we pride ourselves on being able to treat our clients holistically.  We utilize therapeutic techniques that can help you heal your mind, body, and soul.  At our residential treatment center, we can guide you through the early stages of the recovery process.  We can help you safely detox from drugs and alcohol as well as provide you a stable place to stay as we delve deeper into the underlying causes of your addiction.   

We teach our clients non-addictive coping mechanisms, to help them break the cycle of addiction.  By showing recovering addicts and alcoholics new ways to interact with the world, we help them learn to live a life free from addiction.

At the Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, we provide an aftercare program.  By introducing our clients to a strong, supportive community we give them the best chance for success as they enter back into the world.  If you or a loved one are looking to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction in the Oceanside area, give us a call today.


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