Pet Friendly Rehab Center

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center is the top pet friendly drug rehab center in Orange County, California. Call for more information!

Having your loving pet by your side can give you the love and companionship you need to recover from your addiction. Most rehab centers don’t allow pets, and many have strict breed restrictions. At Southern California Rehab Center, we know that your pet is an integral part of your happiness and wellbeing. We’re a rehab center in Orange County that accepts you and your pet with open arms. 

Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Rehab 

Care for your pet as you recover. Getting help at a rehab center typically requires a lengthy stay at an inpatient treatment center. Leaving your pet alone at your home can be an obstacle— especially if you don’t have anyone to care for the pet. Bringing your pet to rehab will help you start your treatment without any cause for concern. 

Pets are great for mental health. When you enter rehab, the goal is to gain understanding of your issues, and to control those issues with your mind and willpower. This becomes much harder to do if your mind isn’t right. Being away from your pet can spark feelings of loneliness, causing you to feel emotionally unstable. We want you feeling comfortable, and able to succeed. Many people report reduced anxiety, a calmer state of mind, and a more balanced mood when they’re with their pets. 

Pets help you better establish social relationships. Pets respond honestly to the behaviors of their owners. The bond you have with your pet is genuine, and it helps you understand the importance of stable relationships. When you’re on the road to sobriety, rebuilding your core relationships is key, but it can be a slow and challenging process. Your pet loves you unconditionally, and this type of love will help you transition into forming new, long-lasting relationships with others in your life. 

SoCal Sunrise Recovery Center believes in creating a comfortable, inclusive atmosphere for all our patients. Many of the people who enter our doors have difficulties opening up and creating new friendships due to past trauma and experiences. For you to overcome your addiction and achieve sobriety, these wounds must heal. We’ve seen how the affection of a pet can can help a broken person put the pieces back together. 

The warm smile, the honest energy, and the affectionate companionship that comes from your pet can help push you to the side of sobriety. Animals have no hidden agendas, and they don’t pass critical judgement on their owners: they simply have a biological instinct to connect with you when they’re needed most. This type of support and love is unconditional, and it can make all the difference when you’re facing a tough addiction. 

There is more to a successful recovery than abstinence. It’s the feeling of love and self-worth to know that you can continue this lifestyle. It’s understanding that life has so much to offer— in the good times and the bad. It’s knowing that your future can always get better. Your pet can help you see this side to life. 

Do you believe your pet can help you heal? We do, too. Inquire about your pet friendly rehab center today to learn how your pet can help you in your road to recovery. 

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