Recovering from an addictive lifestyle requires positive energy and an optimistic mindset. Healing crystals act as a conduit of positive energy, and they can be a stabilizing force in a chaotic life.

When people deal with major addictions, they often feel like their behaviors are so ingrained they cannot separate themselves from it. Healing crystals, though it may seem a bit far-fetched to some, are are able channel energy to keep you from falling onto bad habits.

If you’re unsure of how healing crystals work, here’s the primer: Crystals are gems that have energy properties which correspond with your own energy. For example, if your romantic life is going haywire, a “love” crystal can help to get it back on track.

Since ancient times, crystals were used to harness the life and energy of the earth and universe. They were to connect us to the sun and moon, and to tether us to the oceans and the ground.  These rocks are physical forms of the earth, and they have powerful vibrations. They connect to your vibrational frequency, and they can amplify your thoughts and intentions.

These gems are attuned to your vibrations, can keep you connected to your intentions, and can direct you while on your spiritual journey.

Centuries ago, these stones were used as protective talismans. They have power, and they can help you shake your addictions and reach sobriety.

Manifest Your Goals

Getting clean and sober is an uphill battle. It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to feel like you’re not making the progress you expected you would. It’s easy to succumb to your old lifestyle. At every step of the journey, we have the freedom to choose our thoughts. What you think, you become. Instead of manifesting thoughts and feelings of negativity and inadequacy, manifest positivity and wellness. You may find that it becomes easier to stay committed to your mission of sobriety and healing.

Use as a Reminder

You won’t become sober overnight. There will be some says and nights where you’ll be tested. Patience and persistence is what makes the difference. A healing crystal acts as a visual reminder of where you came from, why you started, and how close you are to achieving your goal.

Aide Your Meditation

Think of the crystal as a talisman— a protector that will reinforce your positive intentions and will help keep you on the winning path. Meditation will connect you to your intentions and help you break out of negative vibrations. Keep your healing crystals at your side while you meditate, and you may notice the effects of meditation become much stronger.

Begin The Healing Process

At Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, we use healing crystals as conduits of positive energy. The result is that our patients are better calibrated, more in-tune with their vibrational power, more patient with their healing process, and more accepting of their journey.

Healing starts from within. No matter your stage in life, SoCal Sunrise Recovery Center can help you channel your energy for healing and recovery.