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The Spanish Village by the Sea, San Clemente, is a beautiful location at the southernmost point of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It’s known for its Spanish Colonial architecture and beach breaks. Its surf break Trestles is renowned worldwide for its waves perfect for surfboarding.

San Clemente, California is undoubtedly a great place to live if you’re a beachgoer. However, the city’s residents suffering from substance abuse may not have the best addiction treatment programs available.

According to the OC Health Care Agency, San Clemente is among the highest of the Southern Orange County cities in opioid overdoses. And the average, recorded 2011-2015, seems to be pointing to an increase in overdoses.

SoCal Sunrise doesn’t know of any recommendable drug or alcohol addiction recovery programs in San Clemente. However, we happen to have drug addiction treatment centers near San Clemente. Our organization has locations in two nearby cities — Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo.

San Clemente Addiction Treatment Center

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Our Addiction Treatment Plans

SoCal Sunrise offers the most reliable therapies and effective medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for alcohol and drug addiction. Our residential treatment centers near San Clemente offer a range of different types of therapy.

We follow the traditional substance use disorder treatment model, using medication-assisted treatment for alcohol detox and opioid detox. We also follow proven substance abuse treatment and therapies for other drug addictions.

While we provide industry-leading treatment options, we really pride ourselves on going the extra mile with a holistic approach. We truly believe that traditional methods need to be used in conjunction with holistic mind-body therapies. It sets us apart from other addiction treatment facilities and gives our program a high rate for long term sobriety.

Our comprehensive approach treats addiction much like other mental illnesses — because it is one. We target underlying causes, triggers and emotional by-products of addiction.

Our inpatient program includes:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Couples Counseling

Guided Meditation

Creative arts therapies

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Motivational Interviewing

Mind-Body Therapies

Yoga and Fitness

Group therapy, outings, and activities

Family Counseling

Aromatherapy and Reiki

Wholesome and Healthy Diets


SoCal Sunrise utilizes the latest in proven and evidence-based detox methods to help you through the detox process. Every substance has unique withdrawal symptoms and we’re well versed in all common substance withdrawals. Our MAT treatment and caring experts will help you through every painful and uncomfortable experience in your withdrawal and detox period.

A lasting recovery from drug abuse needs a strong foundation. That starts by detoxifying your body of toxins, drugs, and their metabolites.

Our clinicians are present throughout the entire detox period, 24 hours a day. Our close surveillance helps avoid the risk of health complications caused by drug withdrawal.

Our Detox Services


Alcohol Detox

Heroin Detox

Xanax Detox


Drug addictions are called substance use disorders in the medical community. There are many different types of substance use disorders but they all affect a person’s brain and behavior. These mental illnesses lead to an inability to control substances such as alcohol, opioids, marijuana, nicotine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines or other substances.

Even prescription drugs can lead to substance use disorders. The risk for addiction varies by drug. The more euphoric the effects of a drug, the higher the risk for addiction. This risk is especially high in prescription pain killers, which is why we have seen such a rising epidemic in the Orange County area.

These substance use disorders need specific types of treatment to truly correct brain and behavioral imbalances caused by prolonged drug abuse. Because of how drugs can restructure the brain’s chemistry over time, it’s often merited to substitute problematic drugs for milder drugs.

This reduction in euphoria paired with therapeutic treatments smoothly transitions the addicted to a more normal lifestyle. Gradually, patients may reduce MAT usage and can live self-directed lives.

Our rehab implements evidence-based treatments that strengthen the mind and body. This holistic approach allows our patients to heal better than others at competing rehabs. It’s something we truly believe in because we’ve seen it work.

Is SoCal Sunrise Right for You?

If you’ve been looking for an addiction treatment center in San Clemente that truly cares about you, then yes. Our locations are close by and our group outings bring us to pretty sites like the ones in San Clemente and surrounding beach cities. Most of our patients come from the Orange County area, but we’ve had citizens all over the United States come to our location.

The difference between us and other drug rehabs starts with our beautiful residential addiction treatment centers. Each location has been designed by our owner to provide an ambiance that contributes to recovery. We understand that a long term addiction recovery needs a strong foundation.

Our addiction treatment experts are a kind family that sees addiction as a mental health condition. Seeing others free themselves from the chains of addiction truly makes us smile. It’s more than just a job to us. We give you care while you’re here, and stay connected long after your rehabilitation.

Give us a call to see how we can help you get started on your journey to recovery today.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, check out the rehab and detox programs below.


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