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Inpatient drug rehab is a residential rehab service that helps people overcome addiction with daily therapeutic care and supervision. This inpatient treatment requires patients to stay in the drug rehab facility throughout their addiction recovery.

Those looking for substance abuse treatment can significantly benefit from residential programs. It allows patients to be fully immersed in the recovery process. They can receive the necessary mental health care and professional oversight during both detoxification and rehabilitation processes.

Depending on the severity and type of addiction, these programs may have different lengths. A short term program could be 12 weeks or less. A program like this supports patients through the detox process and works on fundamental mental health issues affecting one’s addiction.

Long term programs might be six months or more. With the extra time, these programs can better address underlying issues. Drug and alcohol addiction can often be a traumatic experience.

This emotional, spiritual, and physical scarring can’t be entirely healed in short term programs. Though they do help start the recovery process. Long term recovery is the goal, and more extended programs thoroughly guide patients to their self-directed and drug-free lifestyle.

Inpatient programs might be mistaken for “Sober Living” houses. The two recovery options have the same goal in mind, but their approach to addiction recovery is different. Sober Living homes are drug- and alcohol-free living environments usually designed around 12-step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Tenants here might be in part of an outpatient program but aren’t given the mindful therapy inpatient rehabs offer.


Drug abuse and alcohol abuse can lead to a serious health condition known as substance use disorders. Characterization of people with substance use disorders include:

  • Relapse
  • Uncontrollable urges
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Problems with responsibility
  • Fear of detachment from a substance of choice
  • Increased anxiety from various pressures
  • Relationship problems with family members, friends, spouses, co-workers and acquaintances
  • Or a long list of other behavioral difficulties

It doesn’t take long to develop addiction disease, which is why it’s crucial to confront substance abuse early on. What starts as a curiosity or an occasional weekend activity can quickly turn into an addiction. Playful social situations may make substance abuse seem harmful but beware.

Recreational use and even calculated prescription use lead to a heightened tolerance to a given drug. An elevated tolerance means a person will need to do more for each usage to feel high. As this happens, physical dependency also builds, leaving users feeling abnormal when sober. A vicious cycle then starts, and it can be challenging to break.

Addiction, at this point, starts to cause withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal are different for each type of drug addiction, but all can be potentially life-threatening. Whether it’s you or a loved one, these symptoms will be very noticeable.

Unfortunately, drug abusers may be in denial of their problematic use before they start to notice severe withdrawals. And at that point, it has already become a severe problem. Fear of not having enough drugs or alcohol to avoid withdrawals turns into a complete lifestyle takeover.


Addiction treatment facilities like our Mission Viejo inpatient rehab focus on a holistic approach. Good inpatient rehabs look at psychological, physical, and emotional health to balance instabilities caused by drug addiction. Patients are provided around-the-clock attention to help initially detox from drugs and then move on to the rehab and recovery phase.

Most inpatient treatment centers offer one-on-one therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and support groups. There are many benefits that come with this:

  • Mental Health:Targeting traumas and treating people with personalized inpatient treatment help people better handle reality. Trained professionals experienced in addiction know how to neutralize the changes stemmed from substance use disorders. 
  • Physical Health: Giving patients access to proper nutrition and exercise as well as medication-assisted treatment can help patients feel physically healthier. Paired with mental health improvement, boosted physical health can help bring back motivation damaged by addiction.
  • Financial Health: Yes, it seems counter-intuitive. But with help from insurance, the investment to end action is well worth it. And since inpatient rehabs give the most intensive care, your chance at controlling symptoms of substance use disorder is greater.
  • Social Health: Patients in residential inpatient rehab live in a community of people going through the same or similar addictions. Addicts learn and rebuild social skills that can help heal damaged relationships caused by drug addiction. Personal and group therapy help to achieve this.
  • Relapse/Overdose prevention: Under close supervision, alcohol and drug addicts will have a tough time finding ways to use at inpatient rehab. Accidental overdoses (which can result in death) happen after an addict uses their old dosage after reducing their tolerance. It’s a scary thought but avoided in inpatient rehab with routine supervision.

With these benefits comes a better chance at long term sobriety and addiction recovery. When it comes to addiction treatment no substitute for a professional.

Those suffering from addiction should get medical advice from a doctor and discuss the different types of treatment. You can also get information from SoCal Sunrise to see if inpatient rehab at Mission Viejo is right for you.


We provide group outings and activities to show that life without drugs and alcohol can be fun and fulfilling. Some of the outings around our Mission Viejo Addiction Treatment Center include:

  • Beach Outings
  • Top Golf
  • Site Seeing and Historical Landmarks
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bowling
  • Movie Outings
  • And More…


While all inpatient treatment programs are based around the idea of steady on-site care, different types of treatment may be offered.

Inpatient rehab in Mission Viejo at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center offers a mix of traditional scientifically proven addiction treatment and evidence-based holistic methods:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Wholesome and healthy diets
  • Group outings
  • Creative expression
  • Guided meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga
  • Reiki and mind-body therapy

We develop personalized plans around these methods to bring peace and comfort into our patients’ lives — through detox, rehab, and into the world. Many of the staff at inpatient rehabs have been through the position you’ve found yourself in. So, we know it’s possible to guide you or your loved one through their struggles with substance abuse.

We’ve supported people from various backgrounds and drug addictions. In our experience, we’ve become diversified and well-versed in treating addicts with different requirements:

We treat every patient as if they were our own family. Our experience with and compassion for helping people overcome addiction is unique. In essence, the goal at Mission Viejo inpatient rehab is to bring unparalleled love and structure into the lives of addicts.

You can learn more about our process by getting in contact with SoCal Sunrise through phone or email. Talk to us about personalized inpatient rehab in Mission Viejo and see if your insurance covers you.

Thanks to new ordinances nationwide, citizens with insurance have increased access to addiction treatment programs. You can find insurance providers we accept below. If you don’t see your provider listed, fill out the form on our insurance page or call us to make sure.

Get clean today at SoCal Sunrise’s inpatient rehab in Mission Viejo!

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