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Formerly known as El Toro, the City of Lake Forest is home to roughly 85 thousand in the heart of Orange County. The city prides itself on being safe, having a stable economy, and providing plentiful recreational opportunities for its citizens.

Many still refer to the city as El Toro, showing respect to the original Mexican name the ranch land held for well over a century. When it incorporated as a city of Orange County in 1991, some citizens believed that the name Lake Forest better represented the man-made lake and forestry of the area. And now, we refer to it as Lake Forest, California.

The city’s plans for strip malls and territory expansion led to its growing population and inviting commercial district. There’s no surprise that Lake Forest has become a beautiful, safe place to live. In comparison to other Orange County cities, Lake Forest has lower crime rates and substance abuse within its borders.

However, it is not untouched by the county’s opioid epidemic and other prescription drug abuse. A study finished in 2015 shows that it averages 127 drug- and alcohol-related hospitalizations every year. Drugs of choice in the El Toro town seem to be prescription alprazolam (Xanax), alcohol, cocaine, and opioids. Deaths shown in this study seem to clarify that addiction doesn’t discriminate between the city’s diverse ethnicities or age groups.

SoCal Sunrise has Orange County addiction treatment that serves the city of Lake Forest. While our locations aren’t within the city’s borders, we have inpatient treatment in the beautiful residential neighborhoods of Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo.

Lake Forest Addiction Treatment Center

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Lake Forest Addiction treatment programs

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center’s residential treatment near Lake Forest offers the best in substance use disorder treatment. This addiction treatment includes an extensively wide range of both traditional and holistic approaches. Traditional talk therapies and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) used at most successful addiction treatment centers are provided at SoCal Sunrise. Our compassionate addiction specialists have worked with many doing psychotherapy to target underlying issues related to addiction. They’ve also become experts at adequately assessing each individual for MAT treatment with medicines such as Suboxone so that patients are not overprescribed unnecessary dosages. Our real pride comes from the holistic therapies that set us apart from other leading alcohol and drug rehabs across the nation. We believe that lasting recovery from substance abuse is strongly tied to the mind-body connection. The holistic mind-body therapies at our rehabilitation centers near Lake Forest get patients engaging in healthy habits like wholesome dieting, exercise, and expression. Regardless of the drug of choice, drug addiction affects a person’s mental health. That’s why drug addictions are referred to as substance use disorders within the medical community. By adopting both traditional and holistic approaches, we focus on bringing peace to every aspect of our patients’ lives.

Our inpatient treatment and therapies include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Couples Counseling Guided Meditation Creative arts therapies
Medication-Assisted Treatment Motivational Interviewing Mind-Body Therapies Yoga and Fitness

Group therapy, outings, and activities

Family Counseling

Aromatherapy and Reiki

Wholesome and Healthy Diets


The first step towards long term addiction recovery is detoxification. The detox from drugs or alcohol is also the most agonizing step, accompanied by dreadful consequences. Our drug and alcohol detoxes near Lake Forest provide the latest in detox methods to assure that the least amount of harm is done throughout the process. Severe addictions may have damaging or fatal withdrawal implications, which is why detox should be done with professionals. Here, we can give medications to ease symptoms of withdrawal. Each substance has its different withdrawal symptoms, and we’ve become well versed with all of them over the years. Our caring experts make sure that all symptoms, as well as individual needs, are addressed. Clinicians at our locations bordering Lake Forest are available to patients 24 hours a day, throughout the detox period. This close oversight helps those receiving addiction treatment to avoid the risk of overdose or fatal complications related to withdrawal. After the patient detoxes their body of drug metabolites and other toxins, we move patients onto the rehabilitation stage.

Our Detox Services


Alcohol Detox

Heroin Detox

Xanax Detox


The addiction rehabilitation stage is where we find significant differences between us other competing rehabs. As mentioned above, our addiction treatment implements both traditional and holistic methods to heal the addicted mind and body. Substance use disorders cause the brain to function differently and produce abnormal levels of chemicals that affect a person’s behavior. The most apparent behavioral changes seen are the inability to control substance use, but other core behaviors become affected by addiction as well. Whether prescribed by a doctor or purchased off the streets, drugs, and alcohol may be abused. Drugs with higher euphoria typically have a higher risk of abuse. This is most notable in opioids. Stimulants like cocaine and meth are also extremely addictive. And more commonly accepted alcohol and prescription benzodiazepines below them. Our rehabs near Lake Forest see addicts for all of the above and more. Each addiction disorder is catered to with the types of therapy that target specific behavioral changes seen with each substance. The substance abuse treatment at SoCal Sunrise is the county’s best at targeting holistic therapy towards these behavioral and mental health problems. A combination of the therapies listed above is used through all our treatment programs. While we aim to avoid using MAT drugs like Suboxone for long-term opioid use disorder treatment, there are situations that merit it. With the help of less euphoric medicines, the patient can better focus on correcting behavioral problems and establishing healthy habits. It’s those habits that lead to lasting recovery and are the cornerstone of our addiction treatment’s success.

See if SoCal Sunrise Recovery is Right for You

Are you looking for addiction treatment in Lake Forest? Consider our addiction treatment approach in bordering towns Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo.

The residential addiction treatment centers at these beautiful locations are first class. The locations and approach are what have brought people from both inside and outside Orange County to SoCal Sunrise Recovery.

The bordering Lake Forest locations have been designed from the ground up by our owner in a way that is conducive to healing. Each room and corner has an ambiance that soothes the soul and helps our patients focus on bettering themselves.

Our experts in Orange County have a particular enthusiasm for helping others recover from addiction. It’s more than just a job to us. Seeing others free themselves from their drug and alcohol addictions makes us smile.

We love to see our patients recover and live self-directed lives that they’re proud of. Even long after patients have left SoCal Sunrise with their sobriety, we tend to stay connected and celebrate milestones.

We encourage you to view our resource pages for more information and consider our locations near Lake Forest. Give us a call when you’re ready, and we’ll gladly walk you through our addiction treatment programs.


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